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Association Updates 1st February 2020

Hello everybody.

This month we have two new Brazilian associations and some updates.

New Associations

PP6 - Brazil - Sergipe

Welcome to Mesquita, PP6AJM, who is the AM.

PP7 - Brazil - Alagoas

Douglas, PY1II (congratulations on the new ticket!) is heading Alagoas for now.


PY1 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

We (Ok, it was my fault) had managed to skip a handful of summits. So there are 5 new ones, including PY1/NF-122, Pedra dos Três Picos, which is nice and big. There have also been a few summit name updates and some changes to regional managers.

9A - Croatia

Just a few small updates. Most notable was correction of a typo in the latitude of 9A/GH-094, which is now where it should be.

EA1 - Spain - North West

Diego, EC1CW, has retired as AM for EA1. Many thanks to Diego for all his efforts on EA1. I found it to be probably the most complete of EA associations as posted originally. Please welcome Juan , EA1AER, to the role.

Updating large existing associations is complicated, so I’m feeding Andy with the updates one course at a time. So far we have updated elevations and the resulting scores. Note that as with other EA associations the elevation is not necessarily what they print on the IGN maps, expecially where there is a vertice. I correct for the height of the base under the vertice, which is sometimes several metres. Elsewhere I use LIDAR values. There are a dozen score changes, about equally up and down.

The next step will be to upload corrected positions. Finally we’ll do retirements and adding new summits.

Have fun on the hills and please keep your reports coming in. I love to see pictures of you people activating in the new associations particularly.

W0M Winter Bonus period has been corrected. The bonus now ends on 15th March rather 31st March.

There are a few late PY1 updates, possibly the RM names are still to be changed, I haven’t checked and I think there is a summit name change. These will be upload over this weekend.

Further updates:

PY1 region manager names/emails updated.
Some badly formed names in W5N and W7W have been fixed. They’ve been lurking for sometime but the old DB rendered the names correctly and the new DB didn’t. But it didn’t because embedded HTML in the names is considered a security risk.
Finally W7N has had many summit names updated. Names have gone from simply the summit elevation to a real name.

Breaking News

Late Addition to Associations

Ok, I was a bit behind processing the last stages of our LUP (San Juan) submission, so sadly it didn’t make it into the February uploads.

However, Alejandro @LU1MAW tells me there is a team heading for the highest mountain, Co. Mercedario, at a staggering 6715m. As it’s the highest summit it’s pretty easy to decide on the score, &c, so we’ve brought this one forward. Andy has uploaded the summit as LUP/CS-001. There will be many more to follow quite soon.

Good luck to the expedition and stay safe!


Thanks Simon and Andy!, we are already using social media to advertise about LU2MGQ at Mercedario summit.