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Association updates 1st December 2017

I will start this month’s update thread with news of some more summits for DM.

Three summits are being brought out of retirement, having determined that they satisfy P150 after all. They are DM/TH-075, DM/TH-085 and DM/BM-108.

Besides a few other minor tweaks we have a further 28 brand new summits. Don’t assume that means 28 you can actually activate though, as I understand there’s an access issue with at least one of them. As always do your research and make sure any summit is safe and legal to access!

Here’s the list:

  • DM/BM-372 to DM/BM-380
  • DM/BW-851 to DM/BW-861
  • DM/HE-570
  • DM/NS-177 and DM/NS-178
  • DM/NW-148 to DM/NW-266
  • DM/TH-865 to DM/TH-867

We’ve got a handful of duplicate summits in various associations being retired. I hope Andy can remind me of the full list! Of course you can still activate all of these, but be sure to note the right code.

More details from the others in the team to follow…


Some of the itty-bitty changes:

EA1/SG-006 retired (dupe)
SV/ST-015 relocated (position error corrected)
ZL1/WK-200 relocated (position error corrected)
XE1/JL-528 retired (dupe)
XE1/PB-360 retired (dupe_
ZS/MP-098 fixed ref number (was MP-98)
ZS/MP-099 fixed ref number (was MP-99)
ZS/NW-099 fixed ref number (was NW-99)
ZS/KN-068 retired (dupe)
ZS/KN-188 retired (dupe)
ZS/MP-044 retired (dupe)

Italian AM and RM details updated to new AM Daniel IU2IGX.

We have a new AM for VK4, Grant VK4JAZ who takes over from David VK4DD.

We have a new AM for SV, Antony SV9AON.

Please join in me in thanking all the outgoing AMs and RMs and welcome the incoming AMs and RMs.

Please welcome our new AMs

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GREAT! Some new summits in the DM (BW/BM) regions adjacent to my QTH (plus or minue 2 or 3 Hrs drive). I’ll be seeing what I might be able to manage.

DM/BW-854 looks like it’ll be a nice one to activate from Friedrichshafen next year.

73 Ed.

To my mind DM/HE-427 should be mentioned here, too.

DM/NW-148 in fact is just a height correction of an existing reference. DM/NW-265 and DM/NW-266 are two brand new references.

Simon, I hope you do not mind my nit-picking and thanks for your work on this references.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

OOPS No more DM/BM or DM/BW summits under the association lists it seems.

I hope this is just a data problem that can be fixed!

I appears that SOTAMaps still has the unchanged lists (as I would expect being a separate system it takes a couple of days to get that data updated), but as the summit DM/BM-108 (for example) is shown in the database, are the association list pages not taking their data directly from the database? It seems not.

Good luck guys, I’m sure you"ll have it sorted soon - thanks as always for the effort. Ed.

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OK, working now in the association list - I guess everything just had to update. SOTA Maps usually takes a little longer.

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Ah yes, we moved it but didn’t actually reinstate it! I’ll ask Andy to fix that.

Yes, slip of the mouse. Two new summits in NW, not 119 !!

You’re welcome Michael.

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There are some SV fixes I’ll be doing tonight and I’ll sort those missing new summits in DM at the same time.

Also, the French AM and team have revised the positions and heights of more summits in FL & F & TK and there is one new summit in F/JU.

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Dear all

Thanks to all of you having made possible especially the DM update. I’m still filled with beautiful SOTA impressions from holidays in the Black Forest this spring, and this not primarly because of the 10-pointers.

. . . and I know myself: I’ll have telescope eyes in the next days glimpsing who and how quickly will be the lucky first activator(s)! There are some nice new summits especially in DM/BW - and it’s even winter bonus from today. Being a first activator and having done a new summit is probably the same feeling like tagging a clean wall in town at night for an outlaw youngster, hi.

So enjoy these days!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

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The last updates were put in place last night. Including a missing DM/HE new summit, numerous small fixes to SV (positions, names and scores) and some minor updates to a couple of F/AM summits.


Many thanks for all the Good Work done by all who are involved.
73 de geert pa7zee

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Today I have activated one of the new born summits, DM/BM-378.
It was my 50th unique!

Thanks for all the chasers, and sorry for bad CW operating. Fingers really got cold today!

Details will follow!

73 de Robert, DL4ROB