Association Updates 1st April 2020

Association Updates for 1st April 2020

As Andy was very busy last month working on the migration of the database association updates had to go on hold. That means he’s been extra busy over night. I just hope there will be some possibilities for people actually to take advantage of some of these, or maybe we will just have to wait for the virus crisis to end.


The first one carried over was the rest of LUP. We launched with just the highest summit. This adds 864 more. Here’s a map:

Thanks to the LU team, Alejandro, @LU1MAW, and LUP AM, Eduardo, LU3PES

HR, Honduras

Please welcome David, HR2DDL, AM for Honduras. HR has 890 summits listed.

Minor Updates

We have some Regional Manager changes for HB and DM.

There are more updates to follow, which we will note as Andy processes them.

Even if we can’t get up summits I find it a lot of fun to explore the mapping. Even better where there is Google Streetview coverage. So remember that a double-click on a summit on the mapping site, or following the link on the summit info page, will open it in Google Maps, from where you can play around a bit more.


Thanks Simon and Andy and everyone who made LUP possible. 73!

I am totally unfamiliar with the situation in LU, but perhaps we’ll hear a signal from there soon. I guess I will need to pay attention to what band(s) might produce trans-equatorial propagation right now.

Welcome LU!

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX.

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VOACAP says 2000Z to 0100Z for April for you to LU with very high probabilities on 17 and 15m using CW @ 50W in to 1/4wave GP antennas.

I’m eagerly waiting for the announced re-release of the summits Lauensteiner Kopf DM / NS-135 and Schierholzberg DM / NS-133. I would like to activate DM / NS-135 tomorrow. Is that valid?

73 Chris

Uppps, whoever has eyes to see, see. Both summits appear on the list.
Thanks to Pom, DG7ACF and Michael, DB7MM.

73 Chris


Further association updates and changes.

There have been a few minor changes in DM, a few summits remeasured do now qualify and have been reinstated. Also Pom DG7ACF is now regional manager for DM/ND and DM/NS.

In HB9 there is one new summit, one deletion and some name changes and minor position changes. Also Edwin HB9ZAP has retired his regional manager role and is replaced by Guido HB9TNF.

The Winter Bonus criteria for all of ZL3 has changed. The qualifying height has been lowered from 1100m to 700m from today. This will have enabled a significant number of summits to qualify and makes Winter activation more practicable or possible for many ZL activators lacking the serious Winter skills needed for some of these summits.

I’d like you to thank everyone for the work needed to evaluate and verify the data and to welcome new AMs and RMs. But please join me in thanking Edwin HB9ZAP for his efforts over the years and it really is time to take your well earned retirement.

Chris @DL1CR , for you: SOTA Database


Sadly, two of my favorite DM summits are still gone. Thankfully, my 5 very favorite summits in DM are still there. Already looking forward to our next trip as DL/KD5KC, and to whatever other association we decide to make a run for. Already got HB9, HB0, OE and OK. What’s next? Thanks to all the DL-ops who make my visits a blast!

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX.

Thanks Andy. I had the pleasure of activating DM / NS-133 for the first time today:

Tomorrow we will go to the summit DM / NS-135, if our government allows it.
73 Chris


Hi Mike. I´m an ex-LU. The best band between NA and SA when conditions are open is 10meters.

I forgot one thing… When the band is open the probabilities are high from approximately 1300 to 1800 UTC

Look for RBN hits from CX6VM. I was heard during the 17Z hour on 20 and 17 meters on 3/22/20, for instance. XQ3OP is the other active SA skimmer. PJ2A will show you are heard in the Caribbean.
It is good to know one’s antenna is not a dummy load. I run 5 watts and a 59’ wire at roughly 20’ high.

Welcome LU and HR. My thanks to the hard working team for a well oiled SOTA infrastructure.

72, David N6AN