Assistance on Eastern European / Balkan SOTA tour this autumn

Juerg HB9BIN and Paul HB9DST are in the planning stages of an Eastern European / Balkan SOTA tour to take place in late September / October.

Specifically, over 4 to 6 weeks, using Juerg’s car, we are targeting activations in each of these associations:
OM / SP / UT / HA / YO / YU / LZ / Z3 / E7 / 9A / S5

In each of these associations, we would be most grateful if any chasers or activators could lend us some tips and assistance:

  • provide a contact person in each association if we need somebody to help with the local language
  • tips on summits that are particularly easy to access or are particularly noteworthy for some reason
  • tips on places to stay (regions / hotels)
  • any other logistical information that might prove useful to us
  • introductions to activators / chasers in the various associations who might be willing to meet up with us during our travels
  • possibly some activators who would like to join us for some joint activations

If you have some information you feel might be of interest, there are two ways to get in touch with either of us:

  1. Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
    HB9DST will be at the fair on Friday only; HB9BIN will be there multiple days, including the SOTA Information Session he is hosting on Saturday afternoon. Simply introduce yourself to Paul or Juerg if you run into them.

  2. Contact us directly
    If you are not going to Friedrichshafen, then get in touch with us directly via email
    For Paul: where mycall is aa1mi
    For Juerg: where his name is juerg regli.

We thank you in advance for any info and tips you can provide, and we would be delighted to meet many of you during our travels!

Juerg HB9BIN and Paul HB9DST

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I’ll be Prague on business the last week of October and hopefully I’ll be trying to activate in OK, OM and HA before work starts. Please include me on any tips / suggestions you receive.

Hi Paul,
As confirmed via e-mail, for at least half of the countries listed up here I will give you relevant info at Friedrichshafen on Friday at 12:00 near the QSL Wall. You buy the beer, hi!
And if your journey will arrive near Western YO during the weekend I can be your humble guide.
Greetings from the Southern Poland, tomorrow will activate from SP/BZ, on the way to FN.
See you in a couple of days!
YO2MSB Sorin

Hi Paul,
I will attend the HST World Championships in Esztergom, Hungary from 07. - 13.09.2017. It is just in between HA/KD and HA/KM. We may meet there or I can give you some local info from there. Have fun and vy73 Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)

Hi Fritz,
I’ll be at the HST WC in Esztergom as well.
I am new to SOTA but find it very interesting (and challenging). Hope to meet you there!
Gabor, VE7JH

Hello and szia Gabor,
wonderful news and I am very pleased to meet you there.
If we have the time it would be great to have a multi-national SOTA activation, maybe with some Hungarian friends, if time allows.
Best regards and vy73

It would be really cool to do an activation, My XYL, Lisa, VE7BQQ is coming along, she is not competing though. According the Attila, HA2NA, there is at least one easy one nearby, HA/KD-025, which is almost a drive-in. I’ll just bring a 2m handheld but wouldn’t mind going along to see how others do SOTA. I speak fluent Hungarian, which may come in handy in the countryside…
Gabor, VE7JH