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As long as it is allowed...

II see that running the DB has turned your hair white, Andy!

It wasn’t so bad if you remembered to take the hook out before use Brian. :rofl:

So, to recycle an old ad text, “now is the winter of their discount tents…”


We were posh, we had a loop of string between the hook and the paper !

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I have a 10" blank sitting in my shed half-polished that’ll be my final go to if I completely run out of things to do. Mind you, the cost of aluminizing these days is about twice what I can import a 1/10 wave already aluminized mirror from China :confused:

I’m not up on current prices, but as I remember it you might get two years out of a simple aluminisation and perhaps double that if silica coated, so every few years you’d have to import another mirror! Simple answer - learn how to do chemical silvering and re-coat it yourself every year!

I once used a telescope made by a famous Victorian amateur, he had used chemical gold coating and it was still reasonable after about 70 years. It gave a strange colour cast to everything, though!

I’m messy enough in most things, I don’t think adding silver nitrate to the mix is a good idea! :smiley:

I think the price issues in Australia are more the fact no one does it any more. My 8 inch scope is about 10 years old and it was hard enough back then to find someone to do it. Mind you, I have been focused elsewhere lately, so maybe some uni student has opened up a service

Luxury! We used ta dreeam of 'aving newspaper on a hook.

Yes, its wonderful what you can do with a handful of sphagnum moss!

With regards to the title of this thread…

I saw that Police for the Peak District were advising people that whilst exercising with social distancing in mind was good that did not give you the right to drive a few miles, park at a beauty spot car park so you could walk your dog on the moors or jog/hike about the remote (for England) countryside. Anyone who thinks that police force is mistaken should take it up with that force’s Police Commissioner and/or Chief Constable.

And turned me into a Tefalhead too.

10 bonus points if you can name the character and name the film (one of the greatest 1950s scifi films).

Would that be Exeter from This Island Earth?

Just going to adjust my Interossitor…

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. :smile:

“…and turn the clarifier disk 18degs to the left…”

Check out the MST3k edition for maximum chuckles.

I became a SF buff in the 50’s, and in my opinion there were NO great SF fils in the 50s! In the days when Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov were showing what SF could do, the best the film makers could come up with was Forbidden Planet or It Came From Outer Space! I particularly enjoyed seeing the radio in “Destination Moon” was an R1155 with no T1154!

Sorry, OT, you pressed a button!

A silly thought occurs to me, completely off topic, but I guess valves in space wouldn’t need an evacuated glass envelope…?
(No practical use, as they would have to be outside the spacecraft)

Not sure… I’ve got a soft spot for The Day the Earth Stood Still!

Not science fiction but one of the most amazing films of all time must be Le Salaire de la Peur…

Depends where they are relative to Earth… ISTR there were some where the vacuum was harder than you would get opening the window on ISS, sticking a bottle out and opening the top and collecting a litre of vacuum and bringing it back. Some had extra active getters to make sure the vacuum stayed hard. Things like scintillation detectors, photomultipliers etc.

Is buying fatballs for feeding garden birds considered essential, we’ve run out? I can see the feeders Sarah put out from my new office and the fatballs have been very popular. Usual birds, Sparrow, Starlings, Blue or Coal or Great Tits. But the last three days we’ve had Great Spotted Woodpecker come every morning. Wow is he a visual treat! Normally plenty of Chaffinch, Siskins and odd Goldfinch or Greenfinch, but they seem a bit rare right now.

There would be no air cooled valves in space!

We’ve had the usual droves round our feeders, with up to six goldfinches at once, even a couple of pairs of blackcaps and the odd willow warbler, but all of a sudden the feeders are quiet. A pair of robins have chosen to nest near it and are driving off everything except the blue tits, who are too pugnacious to be bullied!

Sparrows are quite scarce here, Robins greenfinch, goldfinch and great tits most frequent visitors. We don’t use fat balls, though, so avoiding that moral dilemma! (sunflower hearts)

Yes, I can see that a stray particle in a photomultiplier would play havoc…

That happens here when our tame Sparrowhawk comes visiting

That’s because we have about 99.9% of the World population on our feeders - endangered, not here (but see above comment - although they prefer Bluetits!!)