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As long as it is allowed...

Still available !!



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Retro toilet paper! Now I’ve seen everything.

I bought Sarah (Mrs. FMF) some retro-toothpaste for her birthday about 10years back. “Close Up”, I used to moan at my mum to buy it when I was about 8 because it was the first gel toothpaste in the UK and therefore special and worth the money. Had a “medical” taste. I bought it from some dude in S. Ireland from eBay… I think he was buying from India where it was still a popular brand.

Perhaps he was importing it from Australia. I seem to remember ads for it there a few years ago and it’s still available.


Hang on this thread is turning into a retro-toiletaries discussion - Let me flag my own post as not relevant to the original subject …

Keeping hams on topic is on a par with herding cats!

I blame it on the rag-chew gene.

It all seems to be remaining largely on-topic in the SOTA room on Peanut. I like that facility - much better than Echolink!

According to the link it’s currently unavailable and no longer manufactured.

Lets hope it stays that way :wink:

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Hey! It might not have been as good as modern quilted, but it was infinitely better than six inch squares of newspaper hung on a hook! The stuff was hard to get and rationed at one time!

I see Cotswolds Outdoors is having a sale of tents. Just in case you want to get away from everything for a while!

II see that running the DB has turned your hair white, Andy!

It wasn’t so bad if you remembered to take the hook out before use Brian. :rofl:

So, to recycle an old ad text, “now is the winter of their discount tents…”


We were posh, we had a loop of string between the hook and the paper !

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I have a 10" blank sitting in my shed half-polished that’ll be my final go to if I completely run out of things to do. Mind you, the cost of aluminizing these days is about twice what I can import a 1/10 wave already aluminized mirror from China :confused:

I’m not up on current prices, but as I remember it you might get two years out of a simple aluminisation and perhaps double that if silica coated, so every few years you’d have to import another mirror! Simple answer - learn how to do chemical silvering and re-coat it yourself every year!

I once used a telescope made by a famous Victorian amateur, he had used chemical gold coating and it was still reasonable after about 70 years. It gave a strange colour cast to everything, though!

I’m messy enough in most things, I don’t think adding silver nitrate to the mix is a good idea! :smiley:

I think the price issues in Australia are more the fact no one does it any more. My 8 inch scope is about 10 years old and it was hard enough back then to find someone to do it. Mind you, I have been focused elsewhere lately, so maybe some uni student has opened up a service

Luxury! We used ta dreeam of 'aving newspaper on a hook.

Yes, its wonderful what you can do with a handful of sphagnum moss!

With regards to the title of this thread…

I saw that Police for the Peak District were advising people that whilst exercising with social distancing in mind was good that did not give you the right to drive a few miles, park at a beauty spot car park so you could walk your dog on the moors or jog/hike about the remote (for England) countryside. Anyone who thinks that police force is mistaken should take it up with that force’s Police Commissioner and/or Chief Constable.

And turned me into a Tefalhead too.

10 bonus points if you can name the character and name the film (one of the greatest 1950s scifi films).