ARRL CW contest February 20-21, 2010

Can anybody give me some advice on what the bands will be like this weekend with the ARRL CW contest? Will I be wasting my time trying CW on the days 20-21?

I am aware of 30m and 17m but I might only be able to slip in an evening activation.

I think there was a CW contest on Topband lastnight? I am convinced I was being ignored by PA station, I managed to copy his call but everytime I answered him he would QSY. Sean M0GIA

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You could announce a non-standard frequency ( 7.199MHz say ) for your operation away from the great unwashed masses marauding over the bottom ends of the bands. Spot it from the hill (yourself or a phone-a-spot provider) and that may help.


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Hi Sean

7 MHz and above will be solid with high powered contest stations, so your best bet is to use 80m during the day, or 30m.