Planning a trip to Arran in the summer and would like to know what it is like for Radio, vhf,uhf and hf… Would much appreciate your comments and suggestions Cheers Simon 2E0VAG

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Hi Simon
Arran is a wonderful place but very busy in summer. There are only three roads.One goes all the way round. One goes across the middle (The String) and one,single track, goes across nearer the southern end (The Ross). It is aptly described as Scotland in miniature but the mossies, ticks and bracken are full size :-). Hence our tendancy to go in Autumn/Winter.
If you intend activating for SOTA few of the hills have paths as such and are braken on lower slopes and thick heather further up. Goat fell has paths as does Mullach Mor on Holy Island.
As far as radio goes on the weeks we have been there scanning 2m fm will bring up a few repeaters which seem to have very little activity and very few simplex qso’s. The east side should be ok because it faces major conurbations. The west, north of Blakwaterfoot, has the big hills between it and the east coast but contacts to EI/GI should be possible. HF is great it is unbelievable how quiet (noisewise) all the bands are.
On the ferry back across to Ardrossan we generally discuss when we will next return :slight_smile:
Roger G4OWG