Arenig Fawr GW\NW-011

Scrambled up Arenig Fawr today, and sat under low wet cloud(my hardest climb to date). I couldn’t see a thing and thought I had the hill to myself when after setting up two walking parties turned up making jokes about me fishing on the mountain. My cw is pretty poor when operating /p using a small key, but I had to explain all about our super hobby and they kept asking questions while the “pack” was calling me making things worse than usual. Wish I could sort the key problem but I use an FT897 and battery and cant carry anymore without a donkey.
Thanks to G4ERP and GW4BVE for directions from the SOTA site this worked fine for me. To bad I couldn’t see more than 10 Feet I bet the views would have been nice.
Sorry if I sounded distracted today, but I was.

p.s thanks for the spot chris(gm4fam)

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Key - Palm Mini Paddle - excellent.



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Try the Yaesu MH-31 Microphone, very light & very effective. :wink:
Steve G1INK.

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I recommend also the Palm Paddle. You need a good key for CW operation.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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Thanks, I have got the palm paddle, maybe its just me. I was thinking of trying a straight key, I think going slower than normal is something to do with it.

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Brilliant, very witty Steve, hi.

Mike, (not mic).

I also have the Mini Palm Paddle. (Not the Palm Paddle, which I understand is a bigger model). I find it excellent, and I am only going at 10-12wpm. Weather looking OK, so more practice in a couple of hours… :slight_smile: