Are there any LA sota-eers in Kristiansund?

I’m staying 1 night in Kristiansund before a trip offshore and notice there’s a lovely little hill right next to the airport, Kvernberget.

I’m limited to baggage weight though so might be qrv with just 2m.

Is it worth a try, or should I enjoy the lay in before the work starts?


Ian, mm0gyx

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No respons yet!?
I think it is an idea to visit Kristiansunds homepage:
to get in contact with some “hams” for 2m qso’s there.
(It is in Norwegian, but I think you will manage.)

73 Halvard

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I dont think there is any active sota’eers in Kristiandsund, I think that im the closest (trondheim).
There is too few sota’eers in norway, if you see the numbers of summits and hams…


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Thanks for the info Halvard.

I’ll probably go with 2m anyway and give it a try.

Ian mm0gyx

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When I flew in 3 weeks ago it was clear and cold, the mountains and fjords from the plane looked spectacular. I was cursing my luck for not having the time but more importantly any gear to activate a summit.


Ian mm0gyx

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And in MR and ST region, there is unusual little snow this year, so activating 1 and 2-pointers should work fine witout skies or snowshoes, in the areas close to the coast.