For a reason as yet unknown the hosting server running my APRS2SOTA gateway and all of my web sites was shutdown at 03:30 this morning (I got a message from the server telling me it was going down at that time).

Whilst I am able to run the APRS2SOTA gateway in a Virtual Machine on my Desktop machine the only local backup of the user database that I can find is a few weeks old, having checked my emails for registration I have found several requests since the date of that backup which I have added to the database, but I may have missed one or two.

Hopefully the hosting server with the real user database will be back on soon, if it comes back and I don’t immediately notice then any Spots from the APRS2SOTA system may be duplicated.

Stewart G0LGS

APRS2SOTA is now back on the normal hosting server.

Still no idea why it went down.

Stewart G0LGS