Due to reoccurring problems (suspect hardware) with the server on which my APRS2SOTA gateway is hosted there will be an outage starting approx 24:00 BST today (23:00 UTC), it is hoped that service will be restored by Wednesday.

Stewart G0LGS

My APRS2SOTA gateway and the associated web site at APRS2SOTA User Guide are now back on-line.

Sorry for the interruption, but hopefully the new server will be more stable than the previous one.

Stewart G0LGS

Thank so much for this service Stewart! It is so awesome, sometime I also receive an ack back.
All the best!

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Thanks for maintenance and the previous APRS-Message service, Stewart. I send all my SOTA selfspots via APRS2SOTA. On the strength of past experience there was are ensuing pile up, everytime.

vy 73 de Jakob DK3CW

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Many thanks for this service Stewart!
It is very useful specially for activities on 30 and 20m!

73 de Chris, OE3CHC

Over the last 2 days there seems to have been intermittent problems with the APRS Internet server that my APRS2SOTA system was connecting with (in Ireland), which means that some spots may have been missed. The system is now connected to one in Gateshead(UK) instead.

Stewart G0LGS.

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Stewart, I used to see the same issues when the server I was using went offline. It was only more recently I found out that you should connect to the euro.aprs2.net host and it load balances and picks a real host for you to connect with.

In my APRS functions (using UDP rather than TCP) I have the following:

APRS UDP information

APRShost = “euro.aprs2.net
APRSport = 8080

All my traffic is sent to ‘APRShost:APRSport’ but if I check the various servers and stats I see that my data will hvae come through many different servers within Europe as the load balancer tries to, as it says in the name, balance the load.

You may want to try using it. Whenever the link drops out you can simply connect to that again and let it send you off to another machine. Worth a try.


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Hi Stewart,

Would you mind have a look my messages from Sunday. They did not go through. Tried W7W and W7 format also but w/o any luck. What have I missed? These were working before for me. It is a stored message in the radio and usually I only change the freq data.


Many thanks!

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My code was only accepting the same modes as on the manual spotting page, so it had to be SSB.

Hopefully I have changed it to accept USB and LSB but post it as SSB.

Stewart G0LGS

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Thank you for this fix! After checking other’s post I suspected that field.
Looks like I was using SSB in the past :slight_smile: