In getting ready for a UK trip in June and particularly around using 2m I have the following questions;

a) Is APRS used/monitored/of value for the SOTA community while people are engaged in an activation?

If yes then
b) Is 144.80 the correct UK APRS frequency?
c) What Digipeater path setting do I use?
d) Given we use the Digipeater path of “WIDE1-1, WIDE2 -1” . Will these work in the UK?


I have my APRS2SOTA Gateway monitoring for SOTA specific traffic on the APRS-IS network, whilst is gets some use from UK stations, most of the Spots it is used for are probably originated in the USA.

I don’t know if anyone uses or monitors APRS for any other SOTA activity.

144.800 is the UK APRS frequency.

It is my understanding that WIDEn-n paths are supposed to be supported through-out the UK and my MB7UCC APRS I-Gate certainly supports (and uses) them.


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Thanks for the reply and I’ll see what other responses are posted but it sounds as though APRS is more popular in the US.

My Yaesu VX-8 manual states that enabling GPS adds about 20% more battery consumption and that plus regularly transmitted APRS updates while on an ascent suggest I’m depleting a small and sparse battery with limited benefits to myself and the chaser community.