Apologies to all chasers for the no-show on GW/NW-010 today, and thanks to Don (G0NES) for the spot.

Actually left home on time (which is unusual), but there was traffic chaos in Llangollen due to road re-surfacing work. I then followed a large motor-caravan towing a small car for miles at 30 - 40 mph. Several sets of road-works later nearly got through Betws-y-Coed when everything ground to a halt again, this time due to an ‘accident’ on the A5(no it wasn’t - someone caused it!) between Betws and the Ugly House bend. Was directed through the very narrow lanes towards Capel Curig, only to find (at 11:30 BST) someone was directing traffic on the same route in the reverse direction. The only escape was into Llanrwst and down the A470 to Conwy. To have gone to Capel Curig (my intended start) via the A55 and the A5 through Bethesda would have meant getting to Capel Curig about 13:00 BST and not reaching the summit until 15:00 BST.

So I went the other way along the A55 and I’m having a late lunch at home.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN / M0DFA