Apologies for wrong reference (W4C/WM-014)

My apologies, today (22 May 2021) it was my turn to post a wrong summit reference. I was activating Standing Indian Mountain, W4C/WM-014. I correctly entered that reference when I posted an alert, so RBN correctly spotted me on SOTAwatch. Unfortunately I also spotted myself using SMS and I failed to change the reference prefix from my last activation in W4G/NG. So my SMS spot incorrectly said W4G/NG-014. RBN was right, I was wrong. Just to be thoroughly wrong, I did this on both 20m and 40m. Mea culpa.

Later that day we hiked further along the Appalachian Trail and activated nearby Yellow Mountain, W4C/WM-034. Those spots were correct.

Sorry for the confusion.

Scott WB8ICQ

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