Apologies for wrong Reference given by EA2IF/P on 19/07/2018

I activated today Mt. A Lagoa EA1/CR-034, but I made a mistake and I alerted, selfspotted and always sent on air the wrong reference EA1/CR-042. Please, excuse me for this mistake and correct your logs.
My log with the good reference has just been uploaded to the database.
This is the log. Should you see your callsing, you’ll have to correct SOTA reference in your log i.e. EA1/CR-034 instead of the wrongly sent EA1/CR-042:

This is the S2S QSO with the correct reference EA1/CR-034 instead of the wrongly sent EA1/CR-042.

Sorry again.


Morning Guru
Many thanks for the correction.
73’s Ken

Let me show you a few pics taken during my July 19th 2018 activation of Mt. Lagoa EA1/CR-034.