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Apologies for the repeated/mass spots this morning

I was activating G/SP-013 this morning, unfortunately, my phone signal (Sky Mobile) was absolutely dire, so I have had massive problems spotting myself, I wasn’t aware that some of the spots had repeated themselves, it only happened twice but two spots were repeated about 30 times! I have deleted all spurious spots

Hi Paul,
That’s a situation that we all find at some time. Deleting the spurious spots is a very thoughtful thing to do.

On a related topic, I wish all test spots seen were deleted as soon as they were visible, ie. when the test is completed.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2DA


Depending on how they are submitted it may be impossible for the originator to delete them.

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There’s no secure way to submit your account details by SMS which is why they are submitted to Sotawatch by a special user. This means the user can’t delete them. I did write a feature that allowed you to send another SMS to delete your last spot but it wasn’t secure so you could delete other’s spots. That is turned off at present.

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As Andrew said, it’s happened to most of us using the SMS spotting service (which I really like) in a marginal phone reception area. Like British buses, you wait for ages and then two come together.

Usually though, the problem is self inflicted where I make a syntax error (e.g. putting G LD 007 rather than G LD007 for the summit reference) so the server ignores my SMS.


Yes, understood, that’s where the app or tool used for creating the spot does it via a special user id rather than the user’s id.


I was actually spotting via the sotawatch webpage!

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Yes I know, multi spots are most common when using mobile internet with a marginal signal. I was really replying to Richard. Everyone does understand you weren’t dancing on your phone keyboard :slight_smile: