Apologies for only 10m today

I’m only referring to HF operators who are doing 10m instead of the other bands. It may be that most activators are adding 10m to their activation - it’s what I generally do. It was just an observation that perhaps other bands may suffer.

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They definitely will. Especially at this time of year.

Really? It’s that your gut feel?

Looking at today’s list of alerts, there are 41 alerts and only 2 activators are 10m-only (one on two summits). Having reviewed alerts on previously days this year, I reckon that’s typical.

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My experience. If I want to do 10m for the challenge then I start there and work down. The reason - if I work up I will have worked many of the chasers on perhaps 20-12m and the contacts then dry up. That’s more valid for am rather than pm activations, however recent conditions have allowed me to get across the Atlantic on 20m,15m,17m as well as 10m.

The downside of this is I’ve often got too cold or the weather has taken a turn before I get down to 40m, which is why I said "at this time of year". Andy @MM0FMF alluded to it in his report.

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I had no feeling in my toes so once I had pulled you out of the QSB it was time to go!

I don’t want to tempt fate but the latest predictions call for the cycle 25 max to fall between January 2024 and October 2024. We may be at the peak now or it has still got somewhere further to go. Also suggested is the conditions during 2025 should remain good. That means I’m hoping for a significant amount of both Asiatic and West Coast S2S in the various events that take place. Sure it’s possible to work them randomly now… but when we all make a special arrangement to all be on at the same time is when the fireworks should happen :slight_smile:


It’s always fun to knock predictions when they’re wrong but it may be we have another 18months of this kind of fun to go. If so then it will silly not to make the best of conditions because the solar minimum just passed was quite rubbish and seemed to drag and drag. Even 30m was hard work then.

I have 60/40m for when the sun doesn’t shine but I don’t want to desert the regular chasers I’ve had since 2007 onwards completely but you don’t work US station after station after station on 10m every day. A quick 30min squirt on or around the WAB net on 7.160 should give them a chance. And it’s really not even giving the other bands a look-in is what made me feel a bit rude this Sunday.

As the WX improves I can see activations getting much longer this year. And somewhere in this madness I’ve got to get 13cms on the air!