Apologies for expedition curtailed

Hi All

Apologies to all for abandoning the last day of our GM expedition, unfortunately on day 2 I succumbed to some sort of bug and didn’t think sitting on a cold mountain top would improve my condition one bit :frowning: And especial thanks to Gerald, for his forebearance in the face of the disappointment of losing out on two summits.

For anyone keen to get Knockdolian and Beneraird, we are already planning a return in Feb to bag them and some others :slight_smile:

Wishing all the very best of New Years, and looking forward to working you again very soon

73 de Paul G4MD

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End of day your health more important

hell 2015 starts tomorrow :smile:

Hi Paul,

Hope you are feeling better, I had a feeling by the text Gerald sent me you were not going to continue the next day and head home early. I sat ready just in the slim chance you made it though. But as health is more important than bagging another SOTA summit you were quite right.

Good to have the eyeball on Grey Hill with the two of you and I hope my playground was kind to the pair of you. Gerald has the photos and I’m sure he will share with you.

Until the next time, take care. Bliadhna mhath ùr.

73 Neil & Cat

Hi Neil,

Feeling much better today thanks. Great to see you on Grey Hill, sorry if I wasn’t my normal responsive self. Was still cold and shivery Tuesday morning so decided discretion was the better part etc…

Your “playground” is magnificent, it’s a great shame the hills aren’t done more often the views are stunning. We’re really looking forward to coming back (probably mid Feb) to complete unfinished business. Hope to catch up with you and Cat then!

Have a very Happy New Year yourselves, and take care

Slàinte mhath

Paul G4MD

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Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear you have not been well, but pleased you are improving. I only managed to catch you & Gerald on GM/SS-191 so another opportunity for the others in February will be appreciated.

73 & HNY,

Mark G0VOF

Thanks Mark, was good to work you again, sorry we only made the one.

Plans for our return well advanced, exact dates still subject to final confirmation but definitely early/mid Feb. We hope to do the two we missed and a few other infrequently activated tiddlers :smile:

HNY to you and yours, and look forward to catching you again soon

73 de Paul G4MD

Two summits - no problem whatsoever. We have been fortunate to keep healthy on our outings, including the longer trips to Orkney, Islay and Inverness, so losing a couple is neither here nor there. With 280 summits activated jointly to date, I am looking forward to many more… roll on number 500, if I last that long!

As discussed on our return journey, these small summits are out on a limb and are therefore not activated that often, so it is great to be able to offer them to chasers. Once they have been activated, maybe a few of those hard Galloway summits will be in line for a bashing! :wink:

73, Gerald G4OIG