Apologies for anyone waiting for me!


Just a quick report from Yesterdays planned activations of GW/NW-034 & GW/NW-046

Firstly apologies to anyone waiting for me on NW-046!?

I had planned to do both of these today to achieve a personal target of getting into the Top 70 of the G Association Activators, needing 6 points to do so.

I arrived at TomTom Park spot at start of good path, loose stones most of the way up. At the early section there has been a lot of erosion of the path, with deep gulleys in the loose rock up to 18 inches deep in places. If as Richard did you go up on a mountain bike,beware of this on the return!

This path in, as I found out is long and winding with undulating sections. Although I arrived in plenty of time at summit,I was quite tired and not impressed with the final section of heather hopping.

Hence the reason for firstly cancelling Rhialgwm whilst up on this one,then after my activation and rest ,putting it back on again as a possibility.

I got back down to car and followed a Lovely forest road,passing the massive Lake which in my opinion is a hidden gem,with its Castle style tower and Gothic Bridge/Dam.(making me wish I had time to stop and linger here for a while). TomTom once again found spot for car and I continued up the track.This track was scary in places as its dark below the trees and the ground was uneven in places.Would be better in a high axle car or Jeep style vehicle. Parked in a tight but passable spot.With me still sore from the previous one and the burning sensation in my heel starting up as soon as I got out of the car ( The painkillers were wearing off) I set off,but after only a short time walking up what felt like a vertical path ,I could not go any further!! Frustration just made the pain worse and I quickly got back to my car! I had no signal on my phone until getting close to Oswestry where I again cancelled the alert.

I had to be satisfied with 4 points today,which leaves me just outside the top 70!

I am determined (before I have to stop activating for a while),I want to achieve my goal,so will need a couple of 1 pointers to do it.

The positives where: The path up NW-034 gave some magnificent views,it was also a unique for me and I had good WX for a change. Also I will have to return to that hidden lake for a day trip Tourist style with a picnic and the wife!



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Hi again,

I have reached my target with NW-062 today!! No problem walking in to it and 11 contacts on 2m FM before rain came down.

This is my last summit for a while see other thread


Best 73


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I was hoping to work you on 4M after I saw your spot, gave a call then noticed you’d posted you’d gone QRT.

Never mind maybe next time?

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Sorry I missed you today Tony, I did hear you calling on 2m FM & called you back, but you went QRT before I could switch to a radio with a bit more power. It can be very difficult on summits with high power commercial transmitters nearby, as you found today.

I also monitored 70.450MHz FM later, but didn’t expect to hear you with the noise level I have here on 6m & 4m.

I Hope to work you again soon, but next time with me on a summit & you resting that leg comfortably at home!

It was a real pleasure to meet up with you & Elaine (& surprise guest Inky), when we activated Fair Snape Fell on ISW.

I hope to do similar things again in the future, so seriously, if a doctor tells you to take it easy,then take it easy!

Take a breather, use your time away from activating to do whatever you need to do to obtain your full licence. I know you are happy with intermediate privileges, but really Tony, you deserve more, if only from the dedication & enthusiasm you have demonstrated so far, not only for SOTA, but for amateur radio in general.

You know I am only a phonecall away if have any technical questions, even if I may have forgotten a lot of what I learnt when I first started on my quest to become a radio amateur. I am sure I know someone who can answer any questions you may have.

All the best for the future.

Thanks again & Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Hi Karl,

Sorry I missed you!

It was a shame I had to get off the hill as usual in heavy rain, I had took my Garex 4001 out for its 1st SOTA trip so I too was disappointed with no 4m again. I also wanted to test my homebrew Jpole for 4m, I will have to set it up at home and test it from the shack.

best 73


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Hi Mark,

Well what can I say to you, your confidence in me and your compliments are overwhelming!

I know I should rest up and I will indeed being do that now, but I think most on here will agree its not that easy to stay away from Summits.

I am always happy to do duel activations with you and look forward to the next one.

We will have to see how it goes for Full call,I promise I will give it a good go!!

Thank you again for the comments and hope to spot you soon from the shack

Best 73