Anyone know OE3XOC ?


Today it has been brought to my attention that some APRS2SOTA packets appear to be rejected - on examination of my logs and the raw APRS data available from it seems that a system usign the APRS ID OE3XOC-11 is sending ARPS rej messages to at least some stations sending APRS2SOTA messages to my system.

As OE3XOC des not appear to be registered on QRZ or on this Reflector I would like some help in trying to contact whoever is using OE3XOC-11 on APRS.

Stewart G0LGS

Hi Stewart,

OE3XOC is a radio club callsign from Lower Austria:
RADIO CLUB AUSTRIA 3034 Maria-Anzbach

FYI in Austria an X as first letter after the number is always a club station call.

OE3XOC-11 identifies as LoRa-iGate Buchberg 433.775 HAMNET
LoRa being still a bit of an experimental playground I would not be surprised if things are not fully functional.

You can try oe3xoc @ oevsv . at
and this should/could redirect emails. ,

Or it could be a problem with the APRS servers that are connected via the HAMnet system that wireless connects a lot of repeaters and I-gates in OE.

73 Joe

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My bad Stewart I missread the callsign :blush:. OE3XOC != OE3XOR of course.
Let’s see and hope that Mike or Helmut can help.

This article mentions Mike OE3MZC as contact for this repeater.

73 Joe

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I have had a response from Mike OE3MZC.

Thank you for the information you provided.

73 Stewart

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