Anyone hike the Long Trail in Vermont, USA

Looking to section hike the Long Trail in Vermont. Anyone hike it before?
What is the 2m simplex situation like? Lately here in Maine it has been eerily quiet compared to years past.
There are 38 SOTA summits on the trail which makes for a fun time. I have activated in NH and ME but never VT.

Stuart, KB1HQS

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I hiked the section that overlaps with the AT on my thru hike. The trail in VT is a lot easier than the trail in ME or NH.
I have no idea what the VHF situation is like, wasn’t active when I thru hiked.

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General idea: Have a look at the statistics of each/some of the summits on the trail. If during a weekday there are typically more than 4 QSO made on 2m per activation you are fine.
Otherwise you might be able to activate it with one QSO but no points made. Or not at all.
So the question is:

  • What is more important to you?

The hike or bagging successfull activations?

For the first: Every QSO made and activation done is a optional bonus.
For the second: Trimm down the daily distances and bring a HF radio maybe with solar panel for recharging

Or bring a couple of friends as porters. :laughing:

73 Joe

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Good idea on checking stats. That hadn’t occurred to me.
I’m looking to do a little of both: hike and activate.
I looked at solar recharging but I don’t it would be very viable considering much of the trail is under tree cover. Better off carrying more battery. I plan on taking my LNR Precision Mountain Topper so power requirements are low.
Porters? Lol. I have always said I needed a SOTA Sherpa :wink: