Any SOTA summits in Chile?

I did a cursory look at the SOTA association list and a google search but didn’t find anything.
Are there are any SOTA summits in Chile? Looking at possibly doing a trip to southern Chile/Antarctica once COVID blows over enough to travel.


Not yet. There was someone/group looking at this in the past but I don’t remember where it got to. I think a quick scan of the elevation data for Chile suggests 15000-2000 new summits including Aconcagua at 6,960.8 metres (22,837 ft). That sounds like it’s for grown-ups only and excludes mountain-kiddies like me.

If that involves grown ups, I’m out too. :grinning:

FYI, Aconcagua is Argentina, so already listed (and activated once):
LUM/PH-001 Aconcagua

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You’re right Mike… I searched for tallest mountain in Chile and Google offered me Aconcagua in Argentina and I never read the full thing. So take 2…

Ojos Del Salado is the highest point in the country. Situated along the border
between Argentina and Chile at an elevation of 22,608 feet

I’ve not checked the LU summits list in case that one is allocated to LU already. Normally a border summit is allocated to the association which has the largest share of the AZ.

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So that’s 2 of us.

I think there has been a couple of abortive attempts to get an Association together but although the MT can offer considerable support it needs someone to step up to the plate as AM and keep things moving ahead.

Argentina. Already a SOTA summit, already activated.

We do have somebody again forming a Chilean team. It’s another of those places where mapping is an issue, however.

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The best way to make a progress is to contact Radio Club de Chile

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Stuart -
You may have seen this. Thw information is quite dated (16 years), but it looks like you’ll need to apply for a license in advance - best bet through the Radio Club de Chile: Licensing information Chile CE.

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Thanks Etienne for the link. I will take a look at it.

I was looking to hike the Torres del paine trail and check out the glaciers. Not sure what the summits look like. I will have to do some research.