Any advice on gloves without fingertips?

I found some gloves that I am quite happy with : Stihl Easy2Grip gloves.

I had to cut off the very tip of the index finger on the right glove because my cell phone has fingerprint security. The material does not unravel whenever you do that. I found that these gloves were thin enough and flexible enough to allow me do do almost everything while wearing them during an activation, including tuning, keying, and writing in my log.

I just tested them on an activation during a balmy April day in Pennsylvania where it was 22 degrees with 15-20 mph wind gusts and 100% overcast. Not really waterproof - more like water resistant and quick to evaporate. While I did not get them real wet, I did get some snow on the gloves every now and then, but that never bothered me. The only thing that was cold was the one fingertip where I had cut the tip off to use my cell phone (don’t really like fingerprint security !!). Compared to that one fingertip, the rest of my hands stayed pretty warm.

These are quite economical, quite light, and pack very tight. Worth giving a try. I found them at a local home improvement store that sells Stihl power tools.

Jody - K3JZD - W3 Association

. . . here a link to the mentioned winter holidays - I was fine with these gloves so far throughout that week.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

PS: Today is most beautiful spring at last! :sun_with_face: