Any advice F/NO-026 NO-042 NO-001 NO-002?

Does anyone have any advice, directions, parking, best place to operate on:


I am going to do some quick activations, assuming the boss agrees.

Nigel. G6SFP

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Hi Nigel

I have done NO-026 on a couple of occasions. For a report see

The easiest way to reach it is using the N42 (Boulogne to Saint-Omer) and turning off into the village of Escoeuilles. From there, head north-east on the D216 sign-posted to Haut-Loquin, a steep ascent to Mont Le Communale. This is a very flat summit with a wide choice of operating position. If you choose a Sunday, there is a track heading south-east alongside the field with the spot height. This takes you alongside a wood away from the road. Don’t use it on a weekday though, as it is the access for some sort of industrial operation with a constant stream of articulated lorries!

If you are in the area, NO-027 is only a fifteen minute drive away. Return to Escoeuilles, cross the N42 at the western end of the village, and take the D215 sign-posted Selles and Desvres. Skirting around the south of Desvres, past the old station, you need to find the D127 sign-posted Doudeauville. At Courset, the first hamlet, turn right onto a narrow road and this takes you onto another flat-topped summit with a choice of operating positions.

If, as I do, you find the town of Desvres totally baffling as regards navigation, an easier approach to NO-027 is from the west. At Samer, on the N1 (the old main road south from Boulogne towards Abbeville) take the D52 sign-posted Desvres. This is virtually straight for a couple of miles before bending left at the foot of the line of hills. At this point take the right fork, up the hill, sign-posted Doudeauville. After about half-a-mile, at the top of the hill, turn left onto a narrow road. Almost anywhere along here for the next couple of miles is within the activation area, but I usually make a further left turn (very sharp) at the small hamlet, and this leads past the old WW2 radar station. Again there are numerous attractive spots to operate from.


73 de Les, G3VQO

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Excellent thanks for that.
I will probably do NO-027 on the way back.

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Hi Nigel,
I try explain to you the way to F/NO-042 Mont SinaÏ. But, my english is very poor. Sorry !
NO-042 is abt 25 Km (15-16 miles)South/East of Reims.
From Reims, keep the road “N44” direction “Chalons en Champagne”, BUT NOT MOTORWAY (blue panels).
Abt 2 miles after village of “Beaumont sur Vesle”, turn to right to go to “VERZY”.
You cross Verzy direction “LOUVOIS” and “LES FAUX DE VERZY” (famous and rare trees over the wold).
Abt 500 yards after Verzy, at the end of the slope (up), you will find, to right, a parking for cars, with arrows to go to “Mont Sinaï” by foot. Not long: some hundred yards.
NO-042 is in Locator JN29bd, abt 49°9’1" North and 4°9’9" East.
You will find a viewpoint indicator, and you will be under trees. But “that passes” ! Hi ! F6ENO and me have tryed.
You can see my explanations to click on the following link
You double click on Reims, and with the Zoom you will see all.

If you have time, on the other side of the road, you will find an other parking to visit “Les Faux de Verzy”. Abt one mile to go by foot.
Keep the time: you will have height eyes ! Hi !

Good visit of Champagne. I cannot be there to receive you. I will be on the road to department of Lot, n° 46, rare in CW.
First activity will be “family’s holydays”. But perhaps some F/MC and/or F/SO.
Good walks and climbings in France.
73 QRO,
Andy F5AKL
PS: Once again, excuse my bad English !

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Thanks for the good information Andy.
Nigel. G6SFP.