Antenna for EA6/MA?

I’m heading to Mallorca next week, Alcudia/Pollenca area, I might take my FT817.
Possible summits are EA6/MA-052, EA6/MA-057, EA6/MA-077, EA6/MA-066 and EA/MA-040.

From looking at previous reports, a lot of the summits are small and rocky. Is there usually space to set up a link dipole on these summits? Previous reports suggest some are small and rocky and might need a vertical+radials. Do I need to bring guys for the pole or is there usually something to lash/bungee/wedge it in?


Hi Pete,

You should have no problem to use a link dipole on most of those summits, except on EA6/MA-066, which is very uneven and nothing but rocks.
Click the links to my reports, and those of Phil G4OBK, on the summit pages.
It will give you an idea of what to expect.

To put up a pole without guying, nothing better than this pin from Decathlon.
I have never guyed my mast in over 250 activations. With a link dipole, you have already two guy wires anyway, just let your mast lean a little in the “third” direction, and pull on it with the dipole wires.

If you don’t have one of those, there is a Decathlon near Marratxi, and 4 more stores in Palma de Mallorca.
Of course you can’t put the pin in solid rock, but then you can wegde the pin between some rocks most of the time. A couple of bungee cords is also good to fix your pole to the trig point if there is one.

And important : don’t put that pin in a backpack on the plane … it’s considered a weapon ! hi

GL in EA6 !


Noted Luc,

Northern Mallorca is a great area to go to for a holiday and SOTA Peter. As I recall from being there a good few years ago (you probably read my blog) there was usually something to fasten a 5m pole to with bungee cords on the summits I activated. I always use a link dipole.

Enjoy your holiday and I hope to work you on some of the summits you visit.

73 Phil G4OBK

PS I like the light duty bungees. You can buy them in UK from Mountain Warehouse, about £5 for a pack of two. I normally carry 4 of these and double them up where necessary.

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Bungees have their use, to be sure, but I’m personally not a great fan of them. For such purposes as fastening a pole to a fence post or a tree trunk (a lot of activation zones hereabouts are heavily wooded) I prefer to use a couple of lengths of double-sided velcro tape, similar to this product on amazon UK:

I always have a few lengths of this in the rucksack, cut with scissors from the roll, each rolled up for use separately around my open hand, a couple of 1 meter, a couple at 2 meters lengths, they’re very light and compact and wrap around practically anything within reason. And they hold very well providing the ends overlap say 6 inches or more (which is 99% of the time.) YMMV, as always…


Hi Pete,

I have activated 19 summits on EA6MA and don’t recall any problems setting up half wave inverted V dipoles (20M and 40m). Usually rocky so you can use stones for anchors or build a small cairn to hold the pole.

Should be a nice temperature at this time of year. Often many road cyclists out early to avoid the heat of the day.



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