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Ant scatter, anyone?

From the BBC:

“Huge swarms of flying ants in the south of England have appeared on a weather forecast map looking like rain.
Large numbers of what the Met Office described as “insect clutter” were recorded on radar systems between 8:00 and 11:00 BST.
Clouds of the insects were shown moving from south Hampshire to west Sussex on the interactive weather map”.

We have aircraft scatter and rain scatter, now ant scatter…? :smile:

Sorry, I know it only has the most tenuous SOTA relevance, but it just made me smile!


You should consider using the ant_mass as a reflector for VHF UHF propagation.

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Radios are radios, antennas are antennas, these are measurable and predictable and we scrutinize them with an engineer’s lens…but weather and terrain and critters are where the heart of summiting lies…and most interesting to my mind.

…anyone encountered a spectre or ghoul on the moors yet!? :wink:

This was last Sunday a few miles from here…