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Anotherone bites the dust! G/SP-016

From the RHB forum :-

"Some overdue bad news to share. John Barnard and Graham Jackson spent a
lot of time in January surveying the col for Raw Head, checking bridges,
roads, fields, railway embankment, canal banks, and even the canal
bottom (with a stick). It’s a very complicated col. Their conclusion is
that (ignoring the railway embankment and canal bottom) the col height
is 78.6m at SJ528439 on sheet 177, and the summit is 227.1m, so the drop
is 148.5m and therefore Raw Head is not a Marilyn.

A real shame to lose this one, and I have been reluctant to accept the
findings but can ignore them no longer. The only thing that can save it
is if we have the col in the wrong place. It is unlikely but possible.
So, for anyone so inclined, can I ask you to see if you can find an
alternative (preferably lower) col between Raw Head and … I think
it’s Cadair Berwyn that is the relevant higher hill. There is a lower
col near Market Drayton that connects it with the Pennines, but it’s the
one that links it to Wales that is the problem.

Unless anyone can come up with something within the next few days then
I’m sorry to say that Raw Head will be relegated to a SubMarilyn.
Hope to hear from those of you who enjoy tracing contour lines. I had
forgotten how difficult it can be in flat areas - I am out of practice.
The good news is that the hill is still there and we are still allowed
to climb it.

The surveyors have helpfully lined up a replacement Marilyn to keep the
total at 1555 - Mynydd y Cwm in the Clwyd Hills: 305m at SJ073767 on
sheet 116. The relevant col is another awkward one, at SJ174677.
The best estimate for the drop is 150.00m ±0.2m so the hill has a 50%
probability of being a Marilyn. Again I have struggled to decide what
to do about this quantum hill - it’s a SubMarilyn or a Marilyn depending
on the height of the furrows in a ploughed field, but not both at the
same time. However, the best estimate is 150.0m drop not 149.9m, so on
that basis it should be promoted. As John and Graham have pointed out,
there are 17 current Marilyns with 150m drop, so it is logical to
include Mynydd y Cwm on the same basis.

Observations welcome.

I apologies for sitting on these results for so long and trying to
decide what to do about them.

Alan Dawson"

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

It will be a shame to lose Raw Head. There aren’t too many in that part of the world and it’s a lovely area. It’s also one of the great hills to introduce people to SOTA, no real climbing, can be done in flip-flops, and you can work loads and loads of stations with just a handy and rubber duck.


In reply to MM0FMF:
Just because it is not high enough any more because some bloke says so, does that mean it has to be removed from the SOTA list?

In reply to M0KPO:
The SOTA list for the UK is tied to the RHB list. If a hill goes off the RHB list, it goes off the SOTA list. Similarly, if one goes on the RHB list, it goes on the SOTA list.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to M0KPO:

(With strong feelings of deja vu…)



In reply to MM0FMF:

What kind of deja vu?

So you mean the recent story about G/SP-015?

(see: Hot Breaking SOTA News (1st April 2009)


or there is always a solution … never give up



Ooo Ooo Ooo… a new summit just down the road from my house !!

See. Every cloud has a silver lining !!

When can I go and activate it ???

In reply to DK1BN:

I understand that there is no truth in the rumour that Tom M1EYP is intending to fill his pockets full of soil in an attempt to increase the summit height each time he carries out an activation of The Cloud in the future. Apparently the rumour came about when he was spotted watching “The Great Escape”, a purely accidental occurence as this had been video taped at Christmas and he was just trying to find out what was on the uncatalogued tapes in the TV cabinet. Best be more careful in the future Tom!

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

It’s a thought, though! How about a “build up the cairn” campaign to restore Scafell Pike to the Marilyns list?


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

How about a “build up the cairn” campaign

People always pick the hard way. Why carry stones/soil up the hill when all you need to do is make the cols lower! :wink:


In reply to MM0FMF:
You’re right! How about a whip-round to get a JCB up Brown Tongue to the Mickledor col!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
Those interested might like to join the RHB group.
There is a very interesting post today outlining the criteria for re-measurement
which decides borderline decisions.
As the team are working through all Marilyns/sub Marilyns between 147m and 153m prominence there could be quite a few deletions and insertions.

Roger G4OWG

Fast moving developments! When Jimmy M3EYP, Liam and myself set off to Raw Head on Saturday morning, 11th April 2009, we didn’t have a clue that it’s very status as a Marilyn - and therefore a SOTA summit - was about to be fatally questioned! Still, there you go, and at least we got our final fling out of it without having to nervously watch an oncoming deadline!

This was a multi-event day out, with a call in another part of West Cheshire to follow the activation. We parked in the more usual spot at the end of Coppermines Lane, leaving a simple, pleasant and mostly level walk into the summit. The footpath was popular with couples and families on this warm and bright early April morning. After reaching the trig point, we adjourned into the adjacent field to allow room for the radials of the 20m antenna without tripping everyone up.

Jimmy worked through his 2m handheld, which I also borrowed for the S2S contacts with Jordan M3TMX and Amanda 2E0MND on The Cloud G/SP-015, and Richard G3CWI on Billinge Hill G/SP-017. He made only five QSOs as 2m proved to be rather quiet, but nonetheless rejected my invitations to have a go on 20m SSB.

On 20m CW, things weren’t much more prolific. Seven QSOs were made to add to the two S2S on 2m FM, before it was time to pack up and walk back to the car, with a deadline pressing for the next activity.

Jimmy directed me to the tip of Chester that straddles the Welsh border, and the Deva Stadium. Yes, the next planned event for the day was Chester City versus Macclesfield Town, and the enjoyment of the day was extended as John Rooney and Gareth Evans secured us a 2-0 victory.

Thanks to all callers, and farewell to Raw Head, which I have done in each of SOTA’s eight years to date.