Another viewing must

Saturday August 18th in the afternoon, BBC2 - a live climb on Shelter Stone Crag and Hells Lum Crag in the Cairngorms National Park (Head of Loch Avon). Might just head out that way and activate, on the other hand I might just blob and watch!


Barry GM4TOE

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Thanks Barry, sounds good I trust this is on national TV.

Remember the televised climbs of the 70’s and 80’s with Bonington, Whillians, Brown, Clough and co. Made for thrilling viewing. Two particular climbs spring to mind the Cheddar Gorge and the Old Man of Hoy with Zoe and Joe. The live broadcast contained many swear words as Zoe was covered in the horrible, sticky and smelly stuff from the Fulmars.

I also seem to recll a climb in the Glen Coe area with Hamish. The BBC had to release the helecopter to assist in a rescue. Are you, or anyone else, able to shed light on this event. Memory tells me it was around 1971 / 72 time and Stafford MRT assisted on the rescue.


Look forward to an interestng afternoons viewing. May even have a trip up

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I remember the climb up the Old Man of Hoy from the 60s. It was a Bank Holiday weekend IIRC and I was glued to the telly even though I was a wee 6 year old at the time. It was only recently I found out the effort the BBC went to be able to bring likve TV back from Hoy to TV distribution network. I remember read a fascinating article about the transmission, something like it took 18months to plan how to get the TV signals back. Something we all take for granted now with simple and small satellite uplinks. Quite stunning the progress made in 40 years.