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Another Two Greats Have Gone.

I learned today that two inspirational persons have left us.

Firstly, the famous French alpinist Marcel Remy died this week at the age of 99. He continued climbing hard alpine routes well into his 90’s, and exercising on climbing walls - many people at that age have trouble climbing the stairs! Vale.

Secondly the saxophone artist Barbara Thompson died last week at the age of 77. Most of us have probably never heard of her, jazz is a minority interest, but if you have heard the haunting saxophone music that goes with the TV series “A Touch of Frost” starring David Jason you have heard Barbara Thompson at her best. I loved those programs but the highlight for me was the credits! Hams who are musicians will smile wryly that she is now literally SK. I’ll miss her.


I knew of her from Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia, talented indeed but that’s not the jazz I like. I didn’t realise she was married to Jon Hiseman(*) or that he had died 4 years ago.

I’m not sure what is worse, musicians who you like getting old and dying or the fact they have died and you didn’t know!

(*) Jon Hiseman played in Colosseum II and I didn’t like the music there. Don Airey and Gary Moore both played in that band and both went on to play some of my favourite tunes in favourite bands.


I rather guessed that! Some of the Paraphernalia tracks would possibly be classed as prog if there had been a guitar instead of that brilliant violinist! But even on the fastest driving pieces there was an undertone of contemplation. She drew a big crowd on the occasions that I saw her live.

Judith Durham and Johny Famechon both left the room this week. Both great talented entertainers of different kinds. Probably too mainstream for the usual inhabitants on this topic.


Judith Durham and the Seekers at the MCG in 1994 was one of the musical clips that kept our family entertained during lock down. I just love hearing her voice!

(44) The Seekers - I Am Australian, Georgy Girl & Waltzing Matilda* Live, 1994 - New HQ upload - YouTube


Not entirely! Back in the 70’s Judith Durham was an inspiration on the folk scene around here, female led close harmony groups modelled themselves on her (rather than Steeleye Span which was too difficult an act to follow!) and which was a darn sight better than the solo fingers-in-the-ear nasal folkies that always sent me post-haste to the bar! Yes, with my sister and brother in law running a folk group and club I often tore myself away from the Jazz clubs - funny how both scenes centred on pubs with above average quality beer!

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I hadn’t heard of the others, but Judith Durham and the Seekers was a favorite of
mine. I still catch them on Youtube from time to time, good nostalgia and a great voice!


also Dame Olivia Newton-John RIP

Geoff vk3sq

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Ah yes. A Pom who became Australianised and moved to the USA. Talented but for me did not evoke the sort of feelings Durham did.


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