Another 'summit' in Granada

Last week the Summit of the European Political Community was held in Granada. @EA4HIH had to participate as a worker (he is not a boss :rofl:) and we took the opportunity to have our own summit.
The chosen summit was the Peñón de la Mata 1666m EA7/GR-061, very close to Granada and frequently visited by mountaineers. We went up the east side from the “Camino de las Acequias”, the shortest access since we wanted to get there quickly, before the temperature rose (that day we reached 31º). Very steep climb with stretches of very slippery loose dirt.
Once at the summit we installed three stations:
-20m CW @EA4HIH QCX mini
-40 and 30 m CW @EA7GV MTR3b
-SSB ft-818 @EA7KNC FT-817
A video of the activity.
and the track and more photos
tnx chasers


The EA7/GR-061 was a great choice. A big Tnx to our “guide” EA7GV.