Another MG?

I hope I am not going to jinx this but here it goes… Carey(George)/KX0R is on his way to W0C/FR-062 despite light snow fall here in Colorado (go get him). This summit will get him to the 1000 Activator point mark and therefore MG #03 for Colorado.

A big CONGRATULATIONS for a remarkable run by a remarkable activator. Carey has many many first activations under his belt and quite a few at very high altitudes (>13000 ft / ~4000m). As a very skilled outdoorsman, he has bushwhacked his way to rarely visited mountains all around Colorado. Weather, burned down forests and washed-out areas can’t stop him… and we have quite a few of those due to the record breaking fire seasons over the last few years and the 500 yr flood event in 2013.

Carey has also been sharing his experiences with the rest of us through his blog-posts (kx0r | SOTA outings by KØMOS and contributors) and is always quick to respond to e-mail inquiries regarding trail conditions etc.

The bottom line: he is an incredible asset for W0C and the MG is well deserved.

GL on your upcoming activations…

73, Matt/K0MOS

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It will be a slushy hike for George given the 2 plus feet of wet, spring snow that we received here in Conifer since Friday morning, however, Mt. Bailey has a well established trail that is easy to follow to the top. As I recall, a contact with George is what gave me Shack Sloth status. I will try to return the favor for George today.

Good Luck George!

73 de Dave, N5XL

Just worked New Mountain Goat , KX0R. Many Congrats George for your accomplishment today. Always a strong signal on 15 or 20 mtrs. Even heard you in Pennsylvania on 30 mtrs the afternoon. All the best OM 72 de Scotty

I have just completed my N-th QSO with Carey (George) while in a SOTA and I had no idea of his MG being achieved today with this activation.
I feel double pleased. It’s always a big pleasure to contact George accross the Ocean and even more today due to such special day.
BIG CONGRATULATIONS, George for such good hard work you’ve done!
I’ll be looking forward to working you again and again.
Best 73 de Guru.

Those of us living in or around Colorado know how much higher the bar is set within the state. The point scale is likely the highest in SOTA. Altitude makes the job a lot harder than folks who haven’t experienced it realize. And most of the mountains are real mountains. Carey did it the hard way and he should be proud of that effort he has made.Including a lot of winter climbs. Congratulations.


Congratulations to KX0R! You are a highly skilled and tenacious activator and it has been a pleasure working you as you have climbed your way to MG. It not just what you did, but how you did it that makes this so exciting and inspiring for me. Thanks, too, for sharing your stories, photos, knowledge and experience on Matt’s W0C site.
73, Walt W0CP

Congratulations, George. Always a pleasure chasing you.
Martha W0ERI

Congratulations George I saw the topic with a pending MG when I can home from work you had made it to MG.
I saw the spots on my phone but was working so could not make it to a radio to listen for you.
But it has been great to work you several times when you have been activating and get a few chaser points as the bonus.
73 good luck working on the MG x 2 .
Ian vk5cz …

Congrats George! And a great pleasure to work you twice in 2014.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

Congrats George ! It’s always a pleasure to work you on CW. Hope to chase you more on future summits. Dit Dit !

73 Erik WX4ET

Congrats George! Always a pleasure to work u on a summit.



Congrats George! Tnx fer always pulling my straight key CW out of the ether!

73 Mike