Another baby girl!

Sun 11:23
M3 BABY on G/SP-000
145.000 fm
Its a baby girl 8lb 7.5oz Charlotte 29:02:08 14:12 :-))) (Posted by 2E0NHM)

Congratulations to Nigel & Helen on the birth of their new born baby girl, see above.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

from the m0sgb household,

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That explains why I’ve not worked you in ages Nigel. Many congratulations!

73, Gerald

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In case anyone is thinking there have not been many replies to this post, most of the ‘usual suspects’ congratulated Nigel on the Skype chat channel earlier.
Still, again Nigel, congratulations and hope all is going well. It seems some ‘bumps’ can have a beneficial effect :slight_smile:

Roger G4OWG

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Ha ha ha ha ha , nice one Roger !!! loved it, however I dont wish to sidestep the origins of the post, so…

Congratulations Nigel and Helen, I am thinking of leaving radio for a different hobby, just like you did, but I need to find another wife first HI

Sincere best wishes to all the family Nigel, hope all are well.



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Congratulations Nigel and Helen on the birth of your daughter.

Best wishes to you & your family Nigel.


P.S. Roger, you are naughty…but nice!!

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I feel a cream tea is called for to celebrate this stupendous event.

Considering either Easington Fell or Longridge Fell this coming Sunday 9 Mar

If interested names please to Ermintrude so that she can bake the scones and order the extra thick double cream and jam.

Bring your own beveredges

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Congratulations to Nigel & Helen on the birth of their new born baby


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Congratulations both and welcome Charlotte.
Happy Days
Rob and Audrey
PS Maybe a day out at Norbreck?

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Nice to ear some good news on the blog !
Welcome to Charlotte: I am sure she will go on the top of the hill.

Best wishes to you all

Fred ON6QR

Nothing on the TV + nothing on the radio…That’s what happens!

Congratulations Nigel & Helen may she bring much joy to your lives.

All the best of wishes

Steve GW7AAV & Helen GW7AAU

Congratulations Nigel. Wondered why I hadn’t heard ‘2E0NHM’ lately. It seems you are a generation behind me. (Grandson is 6 weeks.) You and I should be looking at baby carriers!

73, John G4YSS

In reply to M0SGB :Hi every one thank you for the kind words Helen and Charlotte are doing very will. And as soon as i can work out how to put a photo on the site i will. Or if some can tell how to that will be good.
Thanks again every one
Regards Nigel.

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Congrats Nigel, best wishes to you all. My XYL (who reads the reflector with great interest) eagerly awaits the picture - she’s daft about babies so long as they’re someone else’s!!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Hi all the photos are now on the sota photo page. Just go to members, then nigel2e0nhm