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Another 2m SSB Scottish Border peak planned

I’ll activate Ruber’s Law (https://www.sota.org.uk/Summit/GM/SS-210) tomorrow (Tuesday) mid morning BST and after a little HF action will try 2m SSB.

Hope to get you in the log!


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Fantastic hill Paul especially if the WX is nice.

But you’ll need to watch out for Satan’s Disciples… here they are brazenly sacrificing youngsters in broad daylight!

Thanks Andy and I’m looking forward to it and hope the WX is indeed kind to me and certainly better than Hownam’s Law.

Hopefully I won’t run into quite so many people on the peak as in your picture.


Lovely summit, remnant volcanic plug from carboniferous era as are quite a few SS summits, especially in Fife (my original home county) ISTR an ancient hill fort and a Roman signalling station. Being originally a geologist and with an archeoligist daughter, such sites are always of interest. I think I got to and activated before anyone.

Many thanks for excellent QSO Paul. My estimation that the path was viable proved to be ccrrect… thankfully the signals did not get blanked by Shillhope Law G/SB-006. I worked Barry after your contact with him. Then returned to your frequency to listen to you until you finished. I was surprised to hear those you were working. Afterwards I tuned around and was even more surprised to hear the Cornish beacon in IO70 at good strength.

It was a real pleasure to hear 2m SSB in use once again. Keep up the interest!

73, Gerald

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That was a blast indeed!! I logged 10 contacts on 2m SSB including Don G0RQL in Devon. I need to check the distance but I assume its over 300 miles. Needless to say I’m stoked (cant remember if that’s an English or American word…).

First time outgoing for my 857D. Very impressed with it except the weight but in fairness its about the same weight as my KX3 and 2m amp but less wires.

I’ll try 2m SSB as often as I can and 10 Qs inspires me to keep trying.

Paul M/W6PNG

And the distance to Don’s is…

320 miles (520 Km)