Another 1,000 Uniques

Mni congrats to Bros HB9AGH for 1,000 unique summits - a very good achievement with no 5MHz allowed in Switzerland.

73 de CRIS

Well done Ambrosi,
tnx all qso´s . hope to work you many times more…

vy 73 Klaus

Well done Ambrosi, a great achievement.

vy 73 de Mike GW0DSP

In reply to GW0DSP:
I agree Mike.

HB9AGH Ambrosi will have that warm glow you get when you reach 1000 uniques - well done OM! Cris GM4FAM should be next. I don’t think I will stay in front for so long in the race to 2000 uniques but I will try, and I’m sure we will all keep bashing away when we are in the shack - it’s a bit of fun and you set your own objectives. I’ll carry on until I fancy doing something else. SOTA chasing is instant gratification, and QSLs are not required, as we have our own LoTSW - Logbook of The SOTA World (and thanks to Jon GM4ZFZ and the Management Team for that.) SOTA is different and a nice change from DXCC when you could wait 10-15 years to work one of the “most wanted” countries like BS7H Scarborough Reef. I’m glad our “mini pile-ups” aren’t like that madhouse was a few months ago…

Good Luck to all and onward to 2000 uniques!

Phil G4OBK

My congratulations lbr Ambrosi!
Big success with big ears and small antenna!
Hope to give you some new uniques in the future.
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA

In reply to GM4FAM:

…and a “well done” from me. Ambrosi has frequently been the first in my log and has often helped to gather a few more contacts for me along the away.

Thanks Ambrosi