Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my SOTA participation.
I gained my first chaser point on 19 January 2012 and I never imagined, at that time, how addictive this “game” is.
As of tonight my chaser total now stands at 1750 points from 378 uniques.

I achieved the magic 1000 and Shack Sloth on 5th October and later in the month managed to gain Mountain Hunter Gold on the 26th and 26 Associations chased.

The first 700 points were all gained using 3 Watts from my ATS4.
The majority of the remaining points came by way of 5 Watts from my KX3.

It’s been a great year and I’d just like to thank all activators and the MT for making it all work.

Now I just need to become a more active activator!



Happy anniversary !!

Well done with the Chasing and good luck with the activating.


In reply to G4ISJ:

Congratulations Pete.

Always nice to hear you give me a call. Your ATS4 was certainly doing a good job. I hadn’t realised that you were now using a KX3 - I have probably worked you using it.

I followed progress of the KX3 since it’s debut at Dayton 2011, it’s the only commercial rig that I really would like to own. I saw one in the flesh at G-QRP Convention in October, I was nearly drooling! The owner was quick to take it back out of my hands!

You have all the right tools to do activating, the MTR and ATS4 are probably amongst the most suited rigs for the job. Yes, SOTA is quite addictive, I have been participating since 2004, mainly as an activator. I took a while out from SOTA to settle down to family life, but now I am very driven to obtain the Mountain Goat award. I hope to get MG by March 2015, but I think it will be very tough!

73 es hpe cuagn sn

Colin, M0CGH