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Android App to create new alert?


Our company does everything in Amazon AWS. They seem far ahead of the other cloud providers in terms of services.

But if you need Windows stuff like Active Directory and SQL Server, then Azure is probably a better match. Though I’ve heard Azure Active Directory isn’t quite the same as Windows Active Directory. Microsoft seems to have real problems with API compatibility.



Another reason is Microsoft is less of a tax pariah in the UK than both Google and especially Amazon.


For basic web servers and the like they probably are much of a muchness but for enterprise architectures azure has big failings and is way behind Google and Aws.


I had that issue with Amazon, too (tax dodging). But a couple of years ago they caved and started paying sales tax in California.

Amazon’s services can make a big difference for smaller sites, too. Here is a story from Tim Bray about a small photo website:

“He was run­ning her site on some low-rent Web frame­work on EC2 and it cost him un­der $10/­mon­th. Then he re-wrote it as a bunch of stat­ic files and a cou­ple of Lamb­da func­tions which among oth­er things called out to their pay­ment pro­ces­sor. There was a whole lot less code, and sud­den­ly the bills were un­der 10¢.”


Azure Functions were announced in March. AWS Lambda has been around since 2014.



Sorry guys, but can someone please explain what the different merits of cloud service providers has to do with sending an alert from an Android phone ??

I think this thread is somewhat “off-topic” now…



THANK YOU Ed!!! This thread was seriously hijacked ;-(