Andrew KD5ZZK - New Shack Sloth

Congratulations to Andrew for achieving shack sloth.

It was my surprise and pleasure to have an S2S contact with Andrew on 10-Dec-2015 that pushed him over the top. I wonder how many others have achieved sloth from a summit?
What made his achievement all the more memorable for me is that I met Andrew in early October this year during a group activation (during my 2nd SOTA activation) with lunch (pizza) to follow. Andrew then continued on his multi-country road-trip activation marathon.

Again, congrats.


Congrats Andrew on making the Shack Sloth level. I knew you were hoping to make it on this last trip out and I’m glad you did. Always fun to work you and activate with you.

Gary A - W0MNA

Somehow because of your activating marathons we don’t think of you as a chaser. So it’s fitting you did it on a summit. 73 from NH.
Merle & Herm

Congrats Andrew, listening for you from summit or shack!
Ken, K6HPX

Congratulations Andrew! A Shack Sloth as well as a 2X Mountain Goat! Always looking forward to your next SOTA road trip.

73, Walt NE4TN


Congrats and good job
73 de W4DOW (Dow)


Congrats and it’s been a hoot chasing you on the air and watching you on APRS. I have you in my log 219 times. See you from your next tour.

73/Tommy W7RV

Congrats Andrew and I know many of your Q’s were S-2-S.

Shack Sloth!


Andrew, amazing accomplishment. Hope to eyeball at the next OzarkCon and hear more of your stories. Thanks for the activations and all those QSO’s.


Congrats Andrew. Always a pleasure.

FYI to all…If you look at the data base under “summit to summit” you will see 23 USA stations that have completed Shack Sloth from summits (they all have over 1000 s2s chaser points).



I think a different term is summit sloth :yum: We have a total of 20 here in VK - interestingly 6 of those are VK1 activators.


Great job Andrew on becoming a “Summit Sloth”! I like that term! That’s a lot of Activations in order to get Sloth from S2S contacts! Well done! Guy/n7un




Congratulations, Andrew!!! …and thanks for all the chaser points that helped me reach SS, too!

Dave, AE9Q