Andreas DL6AP baaaaah #2

Andreas @DL6AP has quietly achieved his second mountain goat :goat: :goat: on 14 May 2022 during the activation of the Aschentalshalbe DM/NS-111.

Andreas has been in SOTA for a long time and has been on the road a lot. He has already been active in 28 associations, which speaks for itself.

Congratulations Andreas on your second pet - baaah :beers: :+1:

We haven’t had many QSOs with each other yet, but I’m looking forward to our next QSO.

Continue to have fun with the hobby.

73 Marcel DM3FAM



73, KEN & KAY

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Hallo Andreas

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Doppelziege :smiley:

73 Armin

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Congrats Andy!

Since my starting in SOTA about 10 years ago, you was always present on the bands, either as an activator or as a chaser! Great Job dear Andy, it’s always a pleasure to work you (you are an excellent cw-op🤗) and I’m looking forward to much more qso’s with you!

73, Gerhard

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Congratulations Andy!
On this occasion thank you for many QSO’s and hope for many more. Good luck in the future. Best 73

Well done achieving your second Goat Andy. Always a pleasure to work you… and your name goes with your callsign! No crib sheet required! :grinning:

73, Gerald