And slowly it comes togther

Finally getting me Home brewed rotation system sorted out for me VHF antennas instead of running up down bloody stairs into garden.

Soon will be able to do it more remotely from the shack.

Radio been so boring today barely hearing the Sotas today due to poor conditions. This little chaser has been busy upgrading his VHF/UHF antenna rotation system. Been long time coming and hopefully by end of month it will be up and operational.

Even us reg chasers have to make things better for the chase of those more high banded sotas

Karl M3FEH


Looks like you could rotate the house with that lot Karl. New vista every hour, now there is a thing!

Ps don’t neglect the H&S (guard round the bike chain).

Good stuff David

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PMSL nice one , not required over certain height and out of reach of children.

BUT not bad idea to keep rain off it and its in full view of shack window as turn it too much, it will do more than 360 breaking the antenna or coax. Got to invent a stop bit so rotates so far and back again


PS rotate the house hmmmmm council might something to say about that. Yes its a meaty one 24v off ARMY motor EX STOCK GOT IT cheap, it weighs more than me Q2/8 beam does at about 2.6k the Q2/8 is 2.1k and the Q70/8 is about 0.5k

VK7DX in Tasmania uses a turntable off a decomissioned excavator to rotate the entire tower. It could probably do the house as well I suspect.

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