An Unique experience

Hi All

It was my great pleasure and honour today to accompany Gerald G4OIG on his 500th unique activation :smiley:

To celebrate we carried out the first activation of Cruachan Min, GM/SI-124 on the Isle of Mull - great fun despite the clag that made circumventing the crags that guard the summit an interesting experience on the way up, and the torrential rain on the way down :unamused: A very nice if somewhat remote summit that really deserves more attention - it would be a delight on a nice summers’ day.

73 de Paul G4MD


Well done and congratulations on the 500th unique activation Gerald.
Very dissapointed to have missed it but rest assured I have been watching from the depth of Cornwall.
73 to you both. Don G0RQL.

Many congratulations Gerald. Hope you are enjoying your tour of Mull

73 Glyn

I remember his first…

Congratulations Gerald…quite an achievement.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well done, Gerald I doubt if I will ever reach that category.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Many congratulations Gerald. It is a target, but one I think I shall miss :unamused:
Thanks also for the contacts along the way and particularly for the s2s yesterday. We ducked today but hope for a decent break in the weather for Friday. Hope to catch you then.

Hi All

Many thanks for all the congratulations which are very much appreciated. It was 2006 when I started in SOTA… probably 4 years too late as Richard G3CWI told me about the scheme back in 2002. That initial activation in February 2006 on Walbury Hill G/SE-001 had a profound effect on me by starting a new chapter in my amateur radio life.

Uniques soon became the thing that floated my boat. In August 2007 I teamed up with Paul who is of the same mind, but we still do summits on our own when we can’t manage joint activations. Having said that, I am sure that Paul is the reason that I have reached 500 uniques, so my special thanks go to him.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Very impresive achievement, Gerald.
Congratulations from Guru.

Wonderful achievement, Gerald…


Congratulations. You and Richard, G4ERP were responsible for keeping 144MHz ssb alive and well from summits. I especially enjoyed our contacts on 70 cm ssb and cw from the most unlikely summit locations.
Is it true that Paul, G4MD carried all the kit up the hills? Perhaps not! He certainly provided unstinting companionship and expertise, so thanks to him as well.


Many thanks for the further comments. Yes Frank, the good old days when we used to chase one another on 2m SSB and even had a number of S2S contacts on the mode. It is now rather difficult to make contacts on the band/mode. Have managed a couple of cw and a few FM contacts on this trip, but nothing on SSB. Sadly Don G0RQL was on holiday in Cornwall. :frowning: However, I will continue to give it a go while there are still chasers.

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. Thankfully Paul and I are fit enough to carry our own kit. I am convinced that there is more than enough for 6 stations between us and I have yet to persuade him to leave the portable barbecue behind. :wink: