An obscure piece of Anglo-American history

While not a SOTA activation, I activated a US National Park recently and learnt something that surprised me about Anglo American history.

For any interested in something beyond the American War of Independence or war of 1812, view on at …



Yes - but what happened to the pig…? :smile:

Is it the one that got up and slowly walked away?:grinning:


For you history buffs, this disagreement was also known as the “Pig War of 1859”! See Pig War (1859) - Wikipedia for a great deal more information.

Well I hope the pig was roasted and all got to participate. What possessed the draftsman to cut off Point Roberts. I’d wager a pig to a bison that it should be Canada by any logical process.

Looks like a great place to visit for some solitude and radio.

Thanks for the tale.