An eventful 3 days

I enjoyed it. :rofl:


I won’t give a like to that comment Rod as I am fairly certain that it is tongue in cheek.:grinning:

That final down then up is not that clear from the map and I must admit to at least a double expletive when I arrived at the top of the descent bit… it is more of a scramble than a path. I think Viki described the “pleasure” of the path more aptly than I did. Personally give me Sighty Crag any day, but then Blath Bhalg in winter does have the attraction of it being 5 points so people will still go there!

No Gerald - I actually did enjoy it. It was a doddle by comparison with the two I did on my own - ES-058 and 064 which were supposed to be the first two of four. I made 22 contacts; with 10min on 60m and 20min on 40m. The next two, SS-236 and 184 were not much fun either - wet, wind or both but the going was OK.

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… and to add insult to injury, I discovered this

E6000 now applied; Savlon applied to dog bite which is still not fully healed, but it is getting there.
(other boot repair products and wound treatments are available :wink:)


Epic expedition Gerald a reminder of glorious days past! Thanks for the kind wishes from those who actually remember me :rofl: It’s been a long time, you can’t believe how much this has got me yearning for returning to the hills. It’s been a much longer and harder path back to fitness than I was expecting but I’m really looking forward to getting out again and renewing acquaintance with all those calls I still like to think of as friends :slight_smile: I’m hoping it won’t be too far away!

See y’all soon I hope from some new uniques!

73 Paul G4MD