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An auspicious day

Many thanks to all activator’s station on sunday.
Was an incredible day during Italian contest on 40m CW, but fortunately there was 30m CW band and nice signal on 40m SSB (like G1INK/P)…
Maybe one of these day we can work also on 60m :frowning:
The snow is off it seems :-))


I’m happy to beat some KW user - without animosity - the spread is surely something for…

In reply to F5JKK:

Thanks for the QSO on 30m today Eric. Your QRP signal held up well against all the other activators.


In reply to MM0FMF:

Thanks to you
you have great patience Andy, I hope you did not get too cold :wink:


In reply to F5JKK:

You’re always welcome in my log Eric!



In reply to F5JKK:
Ca me fait toujous bcp de plaisir de vous contacter, parceque je travaille aussi avec QRP.
Alors à bientôt, Eric!
73 QRO de HB9BAB / Jürg