An appeal to the FT8 chasers!

A very silly SOTA experiment will take place tomorrow morning, which might turn into @G3CWI’s next “Radio Adventures” video.

At some stage on Saturday morning a spot will appear for me on (probably) 30m FT8. At that point I would like (need) a steady stream of FT8 SOTA chasers to work, for around 30 minutes or so.

All will become clear when Richard publishes the video, but it is very daft and I have already raised several objections about the planned (and significantly flawed) format to him.

Nonetheless, something about a free breakfast was mentioned in dispatches, so I’m reluctantly going along with it. Therefore, please be ready to work some FT8 SOTA on Saturday morning!

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I will go bi for you Tom, however with the distance between us (too close) it is unlikely we will make contact on the 30m band. However having said that we will only need a scraping of a signal two ways in FT8 to complete, so if you can run a little bit of power we are in with a chance.

73 Phil

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I will look out for you. I saw the announcement about FT8 vs CW.

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I see your spots but nothing here on 30m.

Nothing seen of M1EYP/P on 30m FT8 this morning, but I did work SP3OWE close to the first spotted freq offset at 0920z. Tom may have seen my signal - no sign of him.

73 Phil

Nothing here also.

NIL in S5 …I was on exact frequency - nothing heard and received.

73, Milos S57D

Chasers worked in all the DXCCs above except PA. OBK was RXd by me.


I did look out for you but nothing received here in Llangollen.


What does that mean? We have bad aerials or what? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Here’s the video from this amusing activity!