An alternative to SOTA

Austrian musician Manu Delago recorded his upcoming album Parasol Peak live on different locations in the Austrian Alps. There will also be a movie out … the trailer looks promising:

They climbed Rinnenspitze (3000m) which unfortunately is not a SOTA summit. Sorry for being off-topic, but I simply had to post this!

73 Martin, OE5REO


Amazing locations, beautiful music and fantastic idea!
I’m always amazed at how good music and mountain go together.
Really inspiring, thanks for posting!

Gabriele - IZ1KSW - EA7JUG

Excellent music, perfectly adapted to the sightseeings, there are no better sounds to join you during the hikings. Wish to hear longer recordings with these band, try to imagine your mountain travels with this music on your in-ear headphones. Or having this music as a background to your travel’s videos.
Thanks Martin for share with us!

Or you could do SOTA from the space station - well, as a chaser but what a place to sing/record a song.

Nice to see a Dizzie Gillespie style trumpet!

The sample sounded like one long introduction, I’ll be interested to see if any meat appears later or if it is just nothing but atmosphere…

Quite the accomplishment and great video, definitely worth watching.

…And we may complain about too much gear going up a peak. Someone took a cello up!!


Definitely a step or three up on the “Extreme Ironing” there… :wink:

Do they get credit if at least 4 people not on the summit did not hear the music?

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Extreme jamming!