An Active Sloth

This morning, I passed the Chaser total of 1,000 points which means I can now formally adopt the slightly unkind (and, in my case, factually incorrect) title of “Shack Sloth”. No matter, I’m pleased to have reached this mark exclusively using QRP, mainly on SSB and some on FM, ranging from 40m to 70cm, often on homebrew antennas.

It’s been a joy to have made so many great contacts with splendid Activators across 21 countries so far. It is only the start, of course. Many more chases to come I hope, irrespective of the points on offer, and I’m also looking forward soon to pushing my Activator score towards MG status from its currently miniscule total of 13 points from just 7 summits this year! :joy:

I’ve learned that chasing with QRP requires patience, perseverance and politeness, especially where the Activator might well be dealing with gales, rain, snow, sleet, heatstroke, hypothermia, midges, sunburn, thirst, poor band conditions, fragile antennas, flat batteries, sore feet and other bodily extremities, inquisitive climbers/hillwalkers, or painfully discovering they have left their vital BNC connector in the car or their lunch at home in the kitchen :weary:

Sincere thanks to all those splendidly dedicated Activators who have repeatedly made my day by answering my calls and also a big shout-out to the SOTAwatch MT who set up and maintain this amazing online resource that makes the task of Chasers and Activators immeasurably easier than it must have been 20 years ago when SOTA began. I, for one, am very grateful. Thanks.

For now, my next QRP target is to use CW, as both Chaser and Activator. OK, so my own CW is still too poor to use on the air but I’m actively working on it - at a speed somewhat faster than a sloth … :rofl:

Onward, and upward…!

73 Mike



Should there be a new designation “Mountain Sloth”, I don’t actually have a shack and only work portable


S2S Sloth?


Yes! THIS!

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Well done Mike, I echo your sentiments of thanks to everyone.

Plus bonus points for the FM1000 in your shack - that takes me back a few years to my time at Philips in the group that developed that (I was working on the PRP73 portable at the time).



Congratulations Mike. I am close to shack sloth but the vast majority of the points have come from S2S. So that means that a large proportion of my chaser points have come from stations chasing me!


Thanks Jonathan @G4IVV. The FM1000 is going well having been tweaked recently by a radio club member here. Now in use on 4m FM with a simple homebrew Delta loop. Works a treat. Great wee rig. 73 Mike


Thanks Richard @G4TGJ. Respect for doing so much chasing as S2S - harder work (though more fun) than doing so from the shack. Like many other activators, health issues have limited my summit trips recently but getting on top of that now so the rucksack is packed and ready to go again. 73 Mike


In some ways it’s easier. I don’t think my noise levels at home are as bad as many people’s but I often struggle to hear activators. On summits the noise is so low that picking out activators is much easier. Plus, often I’m called for an S2S so don’t have to actually chase to get the chaser points. I do really appreciate that. I have started actively seeking out S2S now and hit 1000 S2S points recently.


I fully support this. I bestowed upon myself this title some time ago, having now 1934 S2S points (interestingly enough, I have only 1836 chaser points …).

73 de Martin /HB9GVW


I recall the use of the term Summit Sloth in the past. It is certainly how I regard myself as a significant proportion of my chaser points comes from s2s QSOs.
Keep chasing,


We have a separate dedicated S2S section, suite of awards and honour roll, so there is no need for special endorsements of the chaser awards to say they have been achieved exclusively from S2S working conditions.


Well done @MM7MWL Mike, keep up the good work! It’s always a pleasure entering you in my logs :slight_smile:

73, GW4BML. Ben

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Many congrats Mike and well done :+1: I’ve only been chasing a short time and felt a great sense of achievement when I obtain SS status, just passed the 3k points mark so it’s surprising how quick the next 1k comes


Craig 2E0VRX


Congratulations Mike on achieving Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY


@GW4BML Thanks Ben. Really appreciate all your great activations although I get exhausted just reading your alerts for the days ahead! You climb hills faster that I can write in my log :rofl: 73 Mike

@2E0VRX Thanks Craig. Great work on passing the 3K mark in a short time. Very impressive and much appreciated by Activators everywhere. Looking forward to my next 1K :smiley: 73 Mike

@M0HGY Thanks Jimmy. Always enjoy you and your Dad’s reports of your activations, esp in GM land. Haste ye back north of.the border soon. :scotland: 73 Mike


But no title for getting 1000 S2S points. I’d just like to be able to say I’m a Mountain Sloth (or whatever).

I have in the back of my mind that this was discussed and something arrived at - Mountain Lion perhaps? - but TBH I can’t remember! In any case, the points level for a “title” in the S2S awards would be 2500, not 1000, as that is when the trophy is awarded.

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I cannot see an S2S trophy in the shop.

That’s because it turns out I was wrong - there isn’t one!