Amusing spam

We often receive spam from Search Engine Optimising companies who can increase our web presence. These are normally dealt with the contempt they deserve and binned. One today was much better presented and so I thought I’d see what was on offer. Well for a piffling $169/month we could buy some web trafficand have 50000 visitors a month. If each visitor just looked at the database home page once then we’d have 50000 page impressions/month.

Do you know how many times the database home page is accessed each month (on average for last 8 months)?

921250 (nine hundred and twenty one thousand two hundred and fifty) a month.

Do you think we could sell them some traffic?



I get these all the time, too: these SEO pests should be lined up against the wall and painted blue. Nonetheless, I feel you’re being somewhat disingenuous in quoting those numbers: you know that raw page access statistics do not translate directly to no. of visitors. Wishful thinking? :smiley:

Yes, if only page hits was unique visitors… I’d have Google ads on here like a flash!

Anyway this morning’s spam flood offered to make us number #1 on Google. Always a sucker for a business plan I typed “SOTA” into the Google search box to see how hard this joker was going to have to work to get us to #1 but we already were #1. And #2,#3,#5 & #7 :slight_smile:

So does on my search, and probably everyone else reading this forum, however when I searched for SOTA on a newly installed computer and without logging into any Google service then it was nowhere to be found (not on the first page anyway), darn good these guys in knowing everything about us, I bet that after a few searches in HAM related stuff they will stat pushing up our SOTA into the list

I’m always amazed that these internet gurus use gmail or yahoo email addresses. I keep meaning to offer them my services to help them to register their own domain names.

Don’t you get any from the people who register a domain on a 30-day free trial, run a spam session on and then dump the domain without paying. We had that this morning from If you do a whois you’ll see it’s not yet registered.

You obviously get a better quality of spammer.