Amazing 2 Metre Lift Conditions!

There were no signs of tropo this afternoon Tom. I popped out to Soutra with an FT817, FT-290 and a couple of batteries. Antennas included 817 rubber duck, 290 whip, a tape measure 2m Yagi and a J-pole. Gerald was 51 when he was point away and 59 when beaming my way using the tape measure beam and 817. He was 52 on the 290 whip. I had a listen for Robin but nothing heard. Quite a few contest stations on as well. No tropo though, probably too far North.

Thank you Sylvia. Yesterday, I left the HF antenna in the car in order to concentrate on VHF. It was a very enjoyable activation.

Happy new year.

73 Mike

Yeah, amazing 2m lift conditions Mike. It lifted my 50w from Macclesfield 10 miles away clean over Gun it seems.

Also amazing 2m lift conditions today that took my 5w from The Cloud into EA.

What a difference a day makes :smiley:


I put it down to the unintelligible “Macc Lads” accent!

Walt (G3NYY)

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