Amateur radio in vehicles

Amateur Radio in Vehicles
With the recent changes in penalties for the use of mobile phones in vehicles, some Amateurs have been concerned regarding Amateur Radio mobile operation in the UK.
The following statement was issued by RSGB HQ on Wednesday:

For your information - There has been no change to the existing law regarding mobile amateur radio operation in motor vehicles. Please see below for further details.
Use of Two-Way Radio in Motor Vehicles
Mobile Amateur Radio Operation – Mobile Phones and the New Laws
The use of 2-way radio equipment (unless the device can also be used as a phone) when driving is not included in the new offence.
It must be remembered that there is still a risk of distraction and prosecution under other laws should an accident occur.
If stopped by the police for operating mobile amateur radio, the reference to quote is:
The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) (Amendment) (No.4) Regulations 2003 Statutory Instrument 2003 No 2695.
This lays out clearly the exemptions under the new law.
Statutory Instrument No. 2695 can be viewed at:
Road Safety Bill - Mobile phones and driving - new penalties